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1larp general conversation Empty larp general conversation on Thu May 12, 2011 5:27 pm


Roleplayer II
Roleplayer II
ok, so as a pirate character (cartographer with pistol specialisaton) i ordered a flintlock a few days ago and it arrived today (its awesome btw). however, due to not having much money, i didn't buy a sword. mr crossley assures me that i (along with any other skint knight clubbers) can borrow a weapon free of charge. unfortunately, only so many weapons can be borrowed, so if you are in the lower years (7, 8 or 9) and are sure you want to go to larp every year from now it may be a good idea to invest in your own weapon so mr c doesn't have to risk his weapons in the hands of nuggets. any comments on this or additions are welcome.
happy larping!

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